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So I was late the party on this one a little bit, but numbrs prize draw. It has been a great free way to earn some money for signing up and getting referrals.

But this week they announced that this week would be their last prize draw, with until 23/7/21 for the last draw, if you haven’t signed up yet there is still time, but need to get on with it.

Last chance to enter Numbrs Prize draw — So far I have won €1080

So far I have won €1040.00 with 4 weeks of the draw, so I am hoping to squeeze into the last week for my last chance to earn.


So last month I signed up to the ‘doctor who worlds apart’ game, I am not really one for playing games online. But I am a bit of a doctor who fan (a little bit), and I like new shiny things.

So I was intrigued by the doctor who game, it seemed like a good concept in a ever-growing NFT world.

The best thing about this is that you can earn some tokens for logging in every day so should be able to get a couple of packs by the time the game is up without spending a penny.


The time is finally here, the PYNK investor wallet is open, and all those wisdom points that you have earned can now be redeemed for cash, or put straight into the investor wallet.

Small disclaimer, none of what I am saying is financial advice, just my understanding of how the platform works and what I plan to do with my smallholding.

We are going to explain how to go about turning those lovely wisdom points into money.

(Their investor wallet is ready to go if your in the UK, other countries will have to wait a bit longer, but there…

At the start of the year, I signed up to DFI didn’t think much else of it transferred over some dash (minimum $50) and got $30 worth of tokens of DFI. the da I bought on January 26th was $2.45.

You had to keep the DFI being staked for 6 months and at the time I thought oooh nice little surprise in 6 months I can sell for 30 dollars. Hey, the price may even go up.

But though hay free money haven’t lost anything out as can transfer my dash straight back out and keep my free tokens.


Well want to start this post by thanking publish ox, I have been browsing their site and reading my 6 articles a day for a fair few months now, but if it wasn’t for them this would not have happened!

Earning a small number of tokens and Ethereum.

One of which was Ampleforth, where I had a grand total of 3.4715057 Ampleforth equivalent to an earth-shattering £2.70, this tiny sum I had tucked away into trust waller.

Then this week this tiny amount of AMPL has allowed me to make £4,000.

HOW? I can tell you, WHY? …

Another day another survey site, this time I-say, this has been around a while, it’s not a superb one but it’s another ‘so-so’ site.

It’s an ok site I would say, I normally like redeeming for cash, but you do not have that option with i-say, it has to be vouchers, normally amazon vouchers for me.


They tend to have a good array of the survey, they do not tend to be quick ones, but I would say a decent rate of pay really, at an estimate for about 15–20 minute survey you get about £1 worth of points.

Top cashback quite often does these little time-limited deals, and if you can get on them quick then it can be a nice easy bit of money.

Today 17/4/21 they are offering a nice little offer, where if you spend £10 through one of their cashback links you get £2 on top of whatever the usual cashback is.

May not seem a lot but it is free money at the end of the day.

Now it works on a wide variety of offers the one that I used which I would highly recommend is buying through their top giftcards, these…

Qmee is one of my favourite sites and apps to use to earn some extra money, despite some flaws it is always one I check every day.

I have spoken about QMEE before but wanted to talk about it more in an extensive and organised fashion, that’s the goal any way we shall see how that goes.

In 2020 I earned a massive £285.84 on there which was superb (Some of this was from referrals but I would say less than a fiver, so a lot of this was button-bashing surveys out.

What is QMEE

Qmee is many things, mainly…

So looking at my survey list, and realised well my reviews are either non-existent or rubbish so thought I would review a few different ones. It has been a while.

Surveys are still my most consistent way of making money, may not be the best bang for your buck, but being smart with them can definitely be worthwhile.

  1. Lifepoints

Lifepoints is always right up there as one of my biggest earners.

If anyone used in the past “global test market” or “my surveys” this is the amalgamation of these websites.

Their surveys are sporadic, some days there will be none…

It’s review time and today for your reading pleasure we are going down a journey of fun, frolics and MONEY.

A caveat for panel base, this one of the 3 accounts I use two accounts for, me and Mrs money earner, but my self ends up doing most of the work. (Although bugger all of the tidying apparently)

Panel base I would say is in my top three survey companies personally.

It has a lot to offer, some fantastic extra opportunities a good rate of pay and easy to withdraw and provides reliable payments.

Panel base is your classic survey…


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